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RubicksCraft is an SMP server created by crockettguy1. The server has been running since early 2015, and the server started operating sometime during March.

Basic informationEdit

Rubik's Craft is a Minecraft SMP server , that was founded sometime early 2015. The server owner is crockettguy1, referred to as "Nate" by the server members. Rubik's Craft is hosted by Shockbyte.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



Inside Jokes

Factions and Nations inside Rubikscraft



  • No one actually knows the exact date when the server actually started to operate.
  • Sometime ranging from one day to a week before the server's opening, the server owner crockettguy1 AKA "n8" decided to buy himself a Rubik's Cube, and he claims that's how the server got it's name.

Latest activityEdit

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